Research & Development

Cognitive Systems and Cognitive Augmentation Metrics
  • Cognitive Gain

  • Cognitive Work

  • Cognitive Power

  • Cognitive Power Density

  • Cognitive Energy Density

  • Augmentation Factor

  • Democratization of Expertise

  • Cogs: Personal Cognitive Systems

Innovation and Management of Innovation

  • Scenario Planning with Jobs Theory for Innovation

  • The Innovation Tunnel

  • Innovation Assurance with BACUP

  • BACUP model of innovation quality

  • The Vendible Model: theoretical construct explaining outsourcing in IT

  • PINE-TRIZ: Permutative Information Engineering using the theory for inventive problem solving

Innovation Projects/R&D

  • MADDS: Massive Autonomous Drone Delivery System

  • Stand-Up Cane (tip-proof)

  • The “Sherlock” Umbrella (keeps your feet dry)

  • Directional Fire Hoses (firefighter safety)

  • SAVAR: Situation Awareness Via Automatic Radio Call Logging (firefighter safety)

  • Reflecticles (Plow-Proof Roadway Reflectors)

  • Track Welding (novel welding wire guide)

  • USB Portable Backup: (automatic backup pendant for USB drives)

  • Fortune Coffee (thermally activated messages on cups and utensils)

  • ShoeHog (personal shoe cleaning device)

  • Hi and Dri (drip-freed vehicle ingress)

  • Traffic Hawk (traffic backup push warning system)

  • FMod (variable-power engine modular vehicle)

  • Spockets (stick them anywhere you need a pocket)

  • KIMBY: Keep in My Back Yard (perimeter alarm for toddlers)

  • EmA (simple email reader for senior citizens)

  • EFFie: Environmentally Friendly Fleet (ad-sponsored electric vehicles)

  • Scentinel II (nanotechnology sensor for first responders)

  • Data Spritz (wireless short-haul “data fountain”) 

  • Digital Guest Directory (electronic ink-based hotel directory)

  • Virtual Shopping List (VSL)

  • HyperTRIZ Ribbon (MS Word/Office add-in supporting innovation)

  • Ace Bedding System (queen/king sized morphing bed for hotels)

  • The Beam (bar-based page scanner/printer)

Autonomous Intelligent Robotics

  • MUUV: Modular Unmanned Underwater vehicles, Applied Research Laboratory, Penn State University

  • CASTNet, self-organizing autonomous communication nodes, Applied Research Lab, Penn State Univ.

  • Scentinel, nanotechnology-based molecular sensor array, Applied Research Laboratory, Penn State Univ.

  • SensorTape, easy to use “artificial nose” sensor, Applied Research Laboratory, Penn State University

  • EDGAR, autonomous robotic software development environment,  Sandia/Oak Ridge National Labs

  • Moses, automatic code generator for GENISAS,  Sandia/Oak Ridge National Labs

  • SWAMI, autonomous robotic nuclear waste inspector,  Savannah River Site, Department of Energy

  • SIMON, autonomous robotic test vehicle,  Savannah River Site, Department of Energy

  • BonFire, collaborative team technology demonstrator, Microsoft/ECMS

  • TeamSuite, collaborative team solution for Outlook/Exchange, ECMS/IT Factory

  • “Angel,” re-configurable, modular team-based solution architecture, ECMS/IT Factory